July 26, 2010

Words and Pictures

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Since I was a very young girl, my primary creative outlet has been with words. I had friends who could draw fabulous horses and cats; some who were talented in stitchery; still others who were the mini Paula Deens of the Easy-Bake Oven world. But I relied on my journals and poetry to express myself and into which I could pour my imagination and my artist’s soul.

That’s why it surprised me when, after my parents gave me my first-ever digital camera for my birthday last October, I found myself using it as a creative tool. I know how to reach out to people through my words; it had never occurred to me that I could speak to others through images.

I’m very much the beginner. I’ve not studied photography, nor am I familiar with the specifics of color, composition, et al. I may pursue those finer points as time and opportunity allow. But when I shared my spider-web photo on Facebook this morning, and a friend encouraged me to post it on my website, I realized that, perfect photos or not, I could use this blog to speak to readers not only through verbal observations, but through visual observations as well.

Therefore, I present here my very first photo gallery. I wouldn’t exactly call it Fine Art — but I can promise you it was Fun Art.

Spun Silk

Desert Shades

Psychedelic Bloom

Stark Beauty

Crossed by Light

Mirror Image


  1. Yay! Ann, these images are lovely. Thanks!

    Comment by Maerian — July 27, 2010 @ 8:00 am

  2. Ann – I’ve always been intimidated by cameras – they never seem to see what I see. The digital ones come a little closer because I can check them immediately against my reality. So I’m getting a little better. But you’re miles ahead of me! I love your photos; I think you have great instincts! Your evoke Georgia O’Keefe.

    Keep at it! Maybe you can help us all glimpse a little more of your sacred wilderness.

    Comment by Alana — July 27, 2010 @ 12:00 pm

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