December 1, 2010

Still Life With Geronimo [Haiku]

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Based on a true story.

Cat curls up on feet.
For me: no circulation.
For him: no hurries.

October 26, 2009


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Green waits,

fresh as frost behind winter’s wall,

to spring up and cloak us in the tender light of March.

January is dazzling!

Crisp-brittle-clean, unyielding, geometric,

all sharp edges and brazen shapes,

But soon the earth will stretch and soften;

the hills will billow their fringed emerald skirts

and offer up daffodils for breakfast.

–Ann Clark, January 18, 1988

October 21, 2009

Sonoma Valley Hospital ER – 7 am

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Sleepless-sore eyes burn and water,
Cold gray tile reflecting back its compassionless marble stoniness;
Toneless heartbeat-hum — some unseen machine,
Sullen fluorescence casting gray shadows,
Sweet-stringent stench of alcohol.
Motionless form, husband, before me
lies in pain-punctured half-slumber.
Wall clock clicking off sick-seconds,
Marking misery,
Taking time,
Leeching life:
Hurry healing.

Written at Neal’s hospital bedside

September 20, 2009

Job-Hunting Haiku

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Don’t pull up Craig’s List
more than twice a week at most:
new postings are rare.

Twelve dollars an hour?
Yes, I know you made twice that.
Get over yourself.

“Must be team player.”
Oh crap! I’m not! I’m so not!
Okay. I’ll pretend.

“Fun environment.”
Unless this is the circus
or a bar, then no.

Bargain with myself:
I’ll send one more resume
then on goes “ER.”

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