June 29, 2015

Ten Things I Love

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Love stone

What do you really LOVE? “My kids, my spouse,” etc. — that’s a given.

I mean, what gives you that grand, swooning feeling of cherishing that makes you think, “I don’t ever want this to stop”?

My list would be long but some that come to mind immediately are:

1) listening to and making music, and especially certain songs and even parts of songs/harmonies
2) hiking in a beautiful setting
3) watching people do something they’re really good at — dancing, playing an instrument, card tricks, art, etc.
4) the sight of someone or something being helped
5) furry animals being cute or clever — crows playing, a kitten watching his mom bathe and trying to mimic her moves
6) the smell of bacon and/or coffee being made outside on a Coleman stove in the mountains
7) being in the mountains
8) reading or watching something that is exquisitely written
9) really clever, surprising, witty, understated humor
10) calming fragrances: vanilla-lavender, bay and eucalyptus when I’m hiking, freshly ground coffee, sunshine on pine trees, Geronimo’s fur


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