September 24, 2008

The Colbert Moment

Filed under: My Funny Valentine — Ann @ 7:09 pm

Tonight we were settling into our couch positions to watch “The Colbert Report” — he at the far end sitting up, and me at the other end, trying to plump a stiff pillow. “This pillow is too hard,” I complained, punching and bending it. Now, in our household, almost anything can prompt a joke. Neal immediately responded with, “It’s–” and then abruptly halted. Sensing that he had run out of steam short of forming a humorous retort, I sort of giggled and said enticingly, “Y-e-e-e-s….?” With a knowing look in his eye, totally getting that I was on to him, he responded self-assuredly and triumphantly, “I think I’ve made my point,” at which juncture we both exploded into the joyful simultaneous laughter which comes only after twenty years of blending two wildly wicked senses of humor.

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