December 9, 2015

A personal response to terrorism

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Do Good Blog

Two for one.

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, clients are sometimes encouraged to come up with two positive thoughts in response to every negative thought. I’ve been deeply distressed about San Bernardino (and Paris and every rage killing), and this morning it occurred to me that for every violent act that occurs, we should engage in TWO peaceful, loving nonviolent acts in return. I’ve decided that this is going to be my personal response to terrorism.

And yes, I know that giving blankets to the needy and baking cookies for a neighbor (for example) aren’t going to begin to make up for the slaughter of innocents. Nonetheless, I’m going to take on these random acts of goodness, and I’m going to carry them out with INTENTION. “This is to bring balance.”

I invite you to join me in this campaign, starting now. ‪#twoforone

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