March 16, 2012

Women in Dreams

Filed under: MiscellAnnia — Ann @ 8:28 am

Last night I dreamed of a community of women, all supporting each other.

It seemed like every woman I’ve ever met was in the dream. In it, I drifted through a series of vignettes.

In one “scene,” one of my counseling program classmates was on the phone interviewing for an internship while a group of supporters stood around her offering encouragement and advice.

In other scene, a woman running an employment agency announced to all of us present that 80% of the women she had hired were moving away from husbands to start their new lives (all the women applauded).

In another snapshot, something bad had happened to me and some women-friends were writing affirmations and healing prayers on a whiteboard to give me protection.

It was the strangest, most wonderful dream I’ve ever had.

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